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While you may need an eye doctor for standard vision exams, if you require eye surgery, only an ophthalmologist can help. An example of a condition that typically requires surgery from an ophthalmology professional is cataracts. Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens of the eye that steals vision. If you have cataracts, you can turn to our staff at Remagin in Windermere, just off of West Orlando, for cataract treatment.


What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts happen naturally with age. This condition causes your vision to appear cloudy, like looking through a foggy window. The most effective means of treating cataracts is to remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one.

Who Needs Eye Surgery for Cataracts?

Eye surgery is often a necessary step for some people who have cataracts. However, you can put off the surgery if you feel like the cataracts do not disrupt your life too much. Once they interfere enough with your vision that you cannot drive or function normally, you should consider surgery to restore your eyesight.

How an Eye Surgeon Can Treat Cataracts

Eye surgery for cataracts requires several visits to an ophthalmology professional to prepare you for the eye care procedure. Before the operation, our eye surgeon will take measurements of your eyes' lenses to identify the correct size and type of intraocular lenses that will fit on your eyes during the procedure.

On the day of the operation, you will stay awake the entire time. We will administer numbing eye drops, and we will give you some medication to help you to stay calm during the surgery. Once we all are ready, our ophthalmologist will make micro-incisions on the surface of your eyes to break up the damaged lenses and remove them. We will then place the artificial lenses onto your eyes. Usually, these do not require stitches as the incisions made will self-heal. After thirty minutes to an hour following the surgery, you should be able to go home. Follow-up appointments with our doctor will be made to ensure that the new lenses work well and that your eyes are healing properly.

Trust Our Ophthalmologist in Windermere with Your Eyes

If you need an eye surgeon for cataract surgery, call Remagin in Windermere, near West Orlando, today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us with at 407-704-3937. We're here to provide you with the eye care you need for your procedure.

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