Diabetic Retinopathy: FAQ

Within the practice of ophthalmology in Windermere and West Orlando, FL, one condition that is quite alarming to those living with it is diabetic retinopathy. Remagin understands why patients find this condition so frightening. We work with you to answer all your questions and provide insightful approaches to treatment that are effective and comforting to our patients.


What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

It is a condition that affects the eyes and vision due to diabetes. Specifically, it is the result of uncontrolled blood sugars. It can occur in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

What Are the Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy?

In the beginning, patients with diabetic retinopathy may experience no outward symptoms. This is one reason annual ophthalmology screenings are so vital to all diabetic patients. Once the condition progresses, patients can see spots within their line of vision, have fluctuating or blurry vision, or suffer from vision loss. If left unchecked, it may lead to blindness.

How Is Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosed?

This condition is typically diagnosed during an eye exam. If our doctor notices something concerning, he may conduct a fluorescein angiography. This involves injecting a special dye through the vein in the patient’s arm and taking images as that dye circulates through the blood vessels in the eyes. This helps to identify which blood vessels are broken, closed, or leaking fluid. Additionally, our ophthalmologist may recommend an OCT (optical coherence tomography). This can be used to determine and measure retinal thickness. It also helps to locate any swelling of the macula and measure it.

Is There A Cure for Diabetic Retinopathy?

There is no cure for diabetic retinopathy. However, the progression of the condition can be slowed, if not halted completely, with effective treatment.

How Is Diabetic Retinopathy Treated?

Blood sugar and blood pressure control are two of the most important treatments for diabetic retinopathy. While it is impossible to cure the condition, there are treatments that may, in some cases, reverse some of the damage. This includes surgical interventions, steroid injections into the eye, and anti-VEGF injections into the eye.

Where Can I Find Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy in Windermere, FL?

Remagin in Windermere, Florida, serves patients throughout West Orlando, offering insightful treatment and compassionate care for all our patients. We work hard to identify the best treatment options for our patients’ unique situations, whether it is for diabetic retinopathy or other underlying issues. Contact us today at 407-704-3937 to schedule your eye exam and get answers to any eye health questions you may have.

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