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7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

Cataracts are a silent condition that comes on gradually. This painless condition usually does not get noticed until the once tiny protein builds up on the lens and has either nearly or completely clouded the whole lens. While it a common condition it mostly affects people age 40 and beyond. At Orlando Eye Institute treating a cataract is one of our many services and treatments we have here. Surgery is the only treatment for cataract, but it is not needed immediately. In mild cases, a prescription or a prescription change may be all that is needed at the moment. Only if the case is severe causing you drastic eye-seeing difficulty in your life that surgery is the best solution. The surgery is an out-patient procedure just replacing the infected lens with an artificial one which brings your vision back into clarity. Keeping up with your regular eye doctor visits can help you know when the onset of cataract starts as they search for hints of discoloring in the lens with every checkup and is a leading sign for them. Here are some more key signs that you personally can be on the lookout for yourself as well

7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataract

  1. Blurry/ Cloudy Spots

  2. Light Sensitivity  

  3. Night Driving Difficulty  

  4. Issues Reading the Fine Print

  5. Double Vision

  6. Discoloring of your lens

  7. Changes in your vision

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