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7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

Seven Signs You Might Have Cataracts

Cataracts are a condition that affects millions of adults. Although common, they are often not caught until they have made substantial progression. Cataracts can affect both of your eyes or only one of them. The ophthalmology team from Orlando Eye Institute can diagnose and treat this condition, and we want to share a few signs of cataracts that residents in the Windermere and West Orlando area should look out for.

Blurry Vision

Cataracts will start off small, but as they develop, you may notice your vision getting cloudier and cloudier. Most eye care specialists agree this symptom is the number one sign of cataracts.

Less Vibrant Color Perception

Someone with cataracts may notice that their color vision appears to be very dull. For example, white may appear to be a shade of yellow, and the rainbow that you once enjoyed doesn't look the same.

Light Sensitivity

Have you noticed that you have a hard time going outside on a sunny day, or the lamp next to your bed seems too bright? Cataracts block a clear path of light to your eye, and it will be much more difficult for you to see clearly.

Halos and Difficulty Driving At Night

It's already hard enough to drive at night but becomes nearly impossible if you have cataracts. The reason is that it is harder to differentiate between darkness and bright headlights. You may even notice halos around lights, making it have more strain on your eyesight.

Close Up Print Is Harder To See

If you think of the lens of your eye as a camera lens, then you'll understand why it could be hard to see up close. When you have cataracts, proteins build up in the lens, which makes it a challenge to see because light cannot pass through completely.

A Constant Need For A New Prescription

Your eyes can change as you get older, but if you find yourself always needing a stronger prescription, then you may need to get checked for cataracts.

Double Vision

Double vision can occur in both eyes, and even a single eye if you have cataracts.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Eye Care Professionals in Windermere

Don't compromise the health of your eyes if you are experiencing one of these signs of cataracts. Our eye care specialists at Orlando Eye Institute, serving Windermere and West Orlando, have your best interest in mind. Call us at 407-704-3937 for more information or make an appointment today.

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