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The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

The Importance of Vision Exams from Remagin 

At Remagin , we provide eye care in Windermere and West Orlando. Learn more about our vision exams!

Vision Exams

Many people grow up going to the doctor once per year for physical exams. Those some people often go to the dentist twice per year for regular cleanings; however, many people neglect their eyes. It is just as important for people to go to the eye doctor at least once per year for annual vision exams. It is important for people to know why these exams are important as well as what happens when people arrive.

There are several reasons why everyone needs to make sure they get their eyes checked once per year. First, there are certain vision problems that might not show symptoms until it is too late. The earlier these problems are caught, the faster they can be corrected. This could help someone preserve his or her vision where it would otherwise be compromised.

Second, some people wear glasses or contacts and their prescriptions might change. This gives the eye doctor a chance to identify and correct it. Furthermore, there could be new glasses or contacts that might work better. Finally, regular vision exams are important for building good habits, helping someone get into a routine of taking care of his or her health.

What Happens at a Vision Exam?

When someone shows up for a vision exam, there are a few steps that are going to unfold. First, people will be asked to read a Snellen chart, which tests their vision. Each eye will be tested individually. Then, each portion of the visual field will be checked separately. After this, the eye doctor is going to check the pressure behind the eyes. This is how eye doctors look for glaucoma, which is a serious ocular disease that is caused by increased pressure. Finally, the eye doctor is going to dilate the eyes. This will widen the pupils, allowing the eye doctor to get a glimpse of the retina. This will help the eye doctor check the nerves and blood vessels, making sure that nothing is wrong.

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