James T.

My choice for cataract surgery after several years and different clinics. Dr Raja has seminars in the procedures involved. Very explanatory and follow up is extensive. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth S.

Dr. Raja is one of the best ophthalmologists to deal with dry eye. I went to three ophthalmologists before finding him and he has really thought out of the box in order to treat my condition. I had extremely bad dry eye and all the other doctors said "just use eye drops" which was not going to cut it. His office is on the cutting edge for dry eye technology/treatments. I came in one week and just a few days before a vendor for Autologous serum had come and I was able to be one of the first patients to get that serum from them. I was put on Xiidra shortly after it came out. If you have dry eye, he is definitely the best doctor to see in Orlando for it!!

Thelma C.

Dr. Raja is an excellent eye doctor, he is being my doctor for more than two years and I recommended him to family and friends. Also Dr. Parbhu as well is amazing, their facilities Top of the line. If you need an eye doctor , please do not hesitate to contact them.

Cathy G.

Emergency visit while on vacation, Dr. Raja was wonderful. Thanks so much!

Elise F.

Great doctor, great office - found him When I needed to get my daughter an appointment quickly - they were the only office you helped and got her right in. We all use him, Now, he’s the best!

Robert L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Raja's for a few years now and he is one of the best eye Drs I have had in quite sometime, He's very thoughtful caring and really easy to talk to, and I love his staff everyone at OEI is really nice and caring, I have nothing but nice things to say about everyone their .

Laura Martin

Dr. Raja is an excellent doctor. He is knowledgeable and personable. The office staff is very friendly and courteous. I have always been able to get an appointment promptly. I highly recommend Remagin.

Leonard Kovalsky

Love Dr. Raja - he is so knowledgeable and well-educated...always up-to-date on the latest research and technology. He will spend time with you as needed and you will never feel rushed; treats all patients with empathy, dignity and respect. I have been seeing him since 2014 following a severe eye infection which eventually required a corneal transplant.. Anita Kovalsky

Melody Taylor

Excellent customer service, no long waiting, and annual eye complete within an hour. I definitely recommend the Remagin for your eye care. See you next year. Thank you!!

Joanne Hackney

Dr. Raja is very thorough and so knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly.

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