The Pros and Cons of Eyelid Surgery

Some people go to great lengths to keep themselves looking young –and actually, this isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. It can also help us both in terms of our health and psychologically. By looking younger, we often feel younger, become more active and see a boost in our self-confidence which is unrivaled by almost anything else.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery on its own, or with other cosmetic surgical procedures can be an excellent way of making yourself look younger. The surgeon can remove wrinkles from around the eyes, remove excess skin from around the eyes and open your eyes up. Eyelid surgery can:

  • Remove excess, hanging skin from around the eyes, which cover the natural fold or the eye lashes.
  • Reduce puffiness which makes you look tired and older.
  • Reduce the deep grooves from around the eyes.

Sounds great huh? Well, it is – it can change people’s lives. But there are some cons too. So here are the pros and cons of eyelid surgery:


As highlighted above, eyelid surgery can remove excess skin – which might be impairing vision, as well as not being particularly aesthetically pleasing, reduce the puffiness which adds years onto our age and makes us looking tired, and removing deep grooves from around the eyes.

Another pro is that any scars which have occurred due to the surgery will be hidden amongst the natural lines around your eyes, and it is one of the easiest facial surgeries in terms of the amount of pain that is involved. Unlike some others, eyelid surgery can also look really natural.


The main negative is that eyelid surgery is exactly that – surgery. It does involve going under the knife, which is always a shock to the body and comes with potential problems such as infection. Great care is taken, however to reduce these risks, and as long as you choose a good surgeon and follow the process properly, the potential risks are minimal.

It does take a little while to see the results after the surgery, your eyes will be swollen and bruised for a while afterwards, and there is a chance that they could get itchy and dry after the procedure.

There is a chance that you might need an eyebrow lift if your eyebrows drop and you have creases in your forehead. And you might find that you need to repeat the procedure after a few years, as the surgery won’t stop your eyes from aging, it just gives them a new starting point.

These pros and cons are the most common with eyelid surgery. But for a more in depth evaluation of the pros and cons unique to you, and to discover whether eyelid surgery is the right thing for you, it is best to consult with a good cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr Parbhu or Dr Raja at the Orlando Eye Institute.

Whilst eyelid surgery isn’t for everyone, with the right surgeon and care, it can change people’s lives. For more information about eyelid surgery and the other eye and vision services offered by the Orlando Eye Institute, get in touch today!

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